Bayview complete solid wall insulation pilot with National Energy Action

December 6, 2010

Working in partnership with National Energy Action, Bayview has completed an important pilot project focused upon developing bespoke insulation solutions for “hard to treat” properties.

The project was commissioned by NEA due to the huge problem presented by “hard to treat” properties across the UK. It is estimated that there are currently 3 million solid wall properties across the UK and current government legislation is being realigned in order to address this previously untouched problem. NEA selected Bayview for this project due to the experience and expertise of Bayview is designing bespoke insulation solutions for properties of this nature. The solution developed by Bayview utilised a number of innovative solutions such as aerogel that help address the age-old problem of cold bridging that is often overlooked in traditional insulation systems.
Click here to read a copy of the Case Study developed by NEA detailing all aspects of the project within a property in Bishop Auckland, Durham.