Conservation and Restoration, the Right Way

Restoring, repairing or conserving a listed building can be a minefield. With complex regulations in place there are lots of things to consider.

We are an industry leader and provides a wide range of conservation services.  As a a matter of course, we liaise with all stakeholders (e.g. Client, Council, Conservation Officers, ,Engineers, etc) to ensure that all works are delivered with full compliance with the strict conservation regulations.

Conservation Services

Typical conservation services delivered include:

  • Servicing and upgrading sliding sash windows
  • Lime plastering to walls
  • Stonework
  • Mud block building
  • Under-pinning
  • Roofing (e.g. joists works, architectural trusses, natural slating, chimney works, etc)
  • Specialist painting and decorating

Other Professional Services