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Getting Started: Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've compiled a list of those questions that we encounter most often from new and potential customers. If you cannot find the answer you need, please contact us by clicking on the link below.

We are competitive with any building company in our experience

No, we recommend using an architect for design considerations before engaging with Sustainable homes by Bayview

Yes, as long as this is achievable, your HEA will show this on the roadmap of required works. Any special considerations should be discussed with the HEA assessor on site or with our technical assessor when booking HEA.

When the home energy assessment is complete, the assessors will ‘publish the BER’ to SEAI portal. This will be the date of issue for the HEA. From this date, you have one year to complete the required works on the One stop shop. Individual measures grants are available if you wish to take it slower

No. Unless there is a home energy assessment carried out, we have no way of determining the correct works required to give the most cost effective way to achieve the required HLI and KWh/m2

No. The one stop shop does not include free energy upgrades.  If you are in receipt of any of the below benefits you may be eligible for upgrade measures through the better home scheme and can contact SEAI to check eligibility.

Fully Funded Energy Upgrades | Home Energy Grants | SEAI

YES. When you confirm that you wish for us to complete your home energy upgrades, our Technical Assessor and Project Manager will meet you on site, list and discuss the extra works and price them accordingly at that point. If you intend to add floor area to your home with a newly built extension, we would ask you to have your own builder in place for these works and complete those first

No. Window and door grants are only available if installed in a “whole house” solution under the OSS. No individual grant applies.

No, not with Sustainable homes by Bayview. As a One stop shop, we offer a ‘cradle to grave’ solution. This means we carry out the HEA with an independent assessor, we carry out the works they have listed and we use the same assessor to survey the post works and sign off. This format allows you the shortest lead times for energy upgrade projects available

Yes – contact us to discuss!

YES. For homeowners considering multiple energy upgrades and applying to the One Stop Shop service, a home energy assessment will provide both a current BER rating and a technical report detailing the energy upgrades needed to get your home to a B2 rating and better. To be eligible for the OSS grants, the roadmap MUST show the following

  • Your property gets to a B2 minimum rating
  • Your property has achieved 100kwh/m2 of energy savings

Not necessarily, although doing so is best practise and is heavily incentivised by SEAI grants. This will also future proof your home and reduce heating costs significantly against older fossil fuel systems

Usually no. In our experience, unless there are major floor upgrades required, the homeowner can continue to live in their home.

No, but this is currently under review.

To apply for a HEA online please click the links throughout the site inviting you take a survey. Then fill in the online questionnaire with as much detail as possible. One of our internal advisers will ring you to discuss the project and assess your requirement for a HEA. If required, they will request online payment for HEA, discuss lead times for the survey and book you in for survey at that point.

This depends on the scale of upgrade measures shown on the roadmap on the HEA

In our experience, home energy upgrades start from €25k. This depends on many factors, house type, floor area, property age and condition.

A HEA costs €800 including VAT with Sustainable Homes by Bayview. However, under the OSS, there is a grant of €350 which we claim so you pay €450.

No. We cannot retrofit the grant to a project already started


It is difficult to determine when the scheme will end, however there has been €8 billion allocated to the SEAI for these works to be assisted.

When complete, one of our technical advisors (TA) will meet with you onsite, talk you through the HEA and survey for the actual required works needed to ensure the measures can be carried out properly. We add in any necessary works to the pricing module and issue the HEA to you. If at this point you wish to proceed, our TA will meet you on site with the assigned project manager, list any extras and give indicators of prices, take deposit and sign contract. PM will let you know lead times and commencement date.

A Home Energy assessment (HEA) is a technical document created specifically and unique to your home. This document shows you the following:

  • Technical description for your home
  • Roadmap showing required works for upgrading property
  • Description of measures works
  • Indicative pricing for the upgrade works shown per measure and detailing relevant grants
  • Newly published accurate BER certificate
  • BER advisory report
  • Pre works detailed dwellings report
  • Technical assessment
  • Post works detailed dwellings report
  • This is ALL the detail that will be required to proceed by any OSS to complete your project.

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