North Strand Dublin – Deep Retrofit

Key Details

Project Name: North Strand Dublin - Deep Retrofit
Client Name: Philip
Delivered: February 2023
Project Scope: Retrofit of a 1920 Red Brick Terrace House
The system is running for 4 months now without any problem and the project manager is available by phone if there were any issues. Sustainable Homes by Bayview exceeded our expectations in carrying out this complicated work Homeowner

About the Project

Works as carried out by Bayview Sustainable Homes were:

  • Attic: Topped up to 300mm and ventilated sufficiently
  • Sloped Ceilings: Insulated the slopes with insulated plasterboard and re finished
  • Flat roofs: Insulated and recovered with fibreglass (Warm deck)
  • Heating System: Upgrades from gas boiler to Heat pump. Radiators replaced
  • Solar PW: 1.76kw Solar PV system installed
  • Lighting: Replaced all bulbs with LED hi efficiency bulbs

Starting Point

  • Rating: C3
  • Primary Energy kwhr/m2/yr: 216.75
  • CO2 Kg/CO2/m2/yr: 37.08
  • Heat Loss Indicator w/m2: 2.75

Finish Point

  • Rating: A1
  • Primary Energy kwhr/m2/yr: 1.09
  • CO2 Kg/CO2/m2/yr: 0.14
  • Heat Loss Indicator w/m2: 1.63


Homeowner had already had internal drylining works to the solid front wall and had 100mm External insulation fitted to rear wall before Sustainable Homes began their works. He was still able to avail of the OSS.

Sustainable Homes by Bayview managed ALL parts of the homeowner journey including Energy assessment, site survey, client consultation, ALL trades to site, project management, provision of all certificates and sign off, as well as all SEAI grants and energy credits.