Rathangan Detached – Deep Retrofit

Key Details

Project Name: Rathangan Detached - Deep Retrofit
Client Name: Linda
Delivered: September 2023
Project Scope: Reducing heat loss in a 40 year old house
Our sincere thanks to all the Bayview team, especially Fergal, for all the hard work that went into our retrofit. It has made such a difference this winter and we're delighted with the results. Homeowner

About the Project

Works as carried out by Bayview Sustainable Homes were:

  • Attic: Original 100mm topped up to 300mm and ventilated sufficiently
  • Cavity Wall Insulation: insulated bead blown into remaining 50mm cavity
  • Open Fire: closed up and ventilated chimney
  • Windows: replaced with triple glazed PVC in white Uvalue 1.0w/m
  • Doors Front: replaced with Composite in cream 1.0 u value and rear in PVC at 1.0 u value
  • Heating System: upgraded from gas boiler to Heat pump. Radiators replaced with aluminium sectional rads. Used 10kw Vitocal 100A from Viessmann. Radiators by Templo
  • Lighting: Replaced all bulbs with LED hi efficiency bulbs

Starting Point

  • Rating: C3
  • Primary Energy kwhr/m2/yr: 204.89
  • CO2 Kg/CO2/m2/yr: 53.26
  • Heat Loss Indicator w/m2: 2.88

Finish Point

  • Rating: A3
  • Primary Energy kwhr/m2/yr: 61.02
  • CO2 Kg/CO2/m2/yr: 7.81
  • Heat Loss Indicator w/m2: 1.88


House built in 1985 to good standard but always cold and expensive to heat.

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